Bakson’s Aloevera Calendula Cream is an all-purpose cream for a healthy, moisturised and a beautiful looking skin. It contains Aloe Vera as an active ingredient which helps in protecting the skin from sun damage, scars, and premature ageing of the skin. Bakson’s complements Aloevera with Calendula in this special composition which is primarily used as an antiseptic and is beneficial for sensitive skin.

Bakson's Aloevera Calendula Cream (125 gm Cream in jar) Pack of 3

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₹480.00 नियमित मूल्य
₹456.00बिक्री मूल्य

    Key Ingredients:

    • Water
    • Ipm
    • Cetyl Palmitate
    • Stearic Acid
    • Micro Wax
    • Butyl Stearate
    • Cetyl Alcohol
    • Borax
    • Fragrance

    Key Benefits:

    • It helps in maintaining healthy and a moisturized skin
    • It has a special formulation of Aloe Vera and Calendula to treat sun damage scars and premature ageing of the skin
    • It can be used as antiseptic to treat minor cuts and wounds
    • It is an all-natural skin care product enriched with highly beneficial herbs and flowers
    • Aloe Vera provides effective moisturization and doesn’t make your skin feel greasy

    Directions For Use:
    Apply Bakson’s Aloevera Calendula Cream on your skin and massage gently. Use twice a day for best results.


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